Overheard in New Popolisville

Tinfoil Man: At the corner of here and where, we're hearing you loud and clear!

--Here St. & Where Blvd.

WORDwork: All you ever do is gibberishistic.
ARTwork: Sorry, I only speak Artian.


Midge: I thought you said Dimension Two?

--The Multiversity

Pale Man: Quickly, I need an anecdote!
Dr. Aware: Don't you mean antidote?
Pale Man: I was poisoned by a clown.

--Major Hospital

WTF?!?: From the inside shall come the outside.

--All Small Mall

Old lady: Don't be a smartass.
Drunk Punk: But it's where I keep all my wit.

--703rd St.

The Manmad: You cannot rule a fooler!

--Courtly Estate

A Robot Face: I tried to tell the meat puppets that they were wrong and the MACHINES were right!

--The City Hall of Justice

Stranger: I'll pray for you.
Sad Sac: Pray for a better GOD.

--The Wordcage

City Girl: What do you do?
The Known: I'm a space explorer. Well, space and time explorer.

--X train