Least Expected

Where is my state of grace? My livid distractions, halting vapid happenings endlessly becoming a reality, actively taking a hold of my panicking pleas of quiet restoration, while desperadoes dressed as suave yet suspect pedestrians blend in wearing winning smiles and explosive personalities, such that they just waltz right in like velvet heroes of the revolution.

Parades are now crowding around circles and squares, streets and crosswalks, across all walks of life, floating down rivers of people cheering loudly, rapidly, streams of laughter jettison from their delightful inner containers and I dance on plain hot asphalt with a bare heel and too many toes. I sense the roaring airport, arriving like an unwanted dream.

Soon, in wild time and untamed space, we will purposefully command our nature to eradicate any evidence of doubt, announcing with lackluster fanfare, an about face on all that we hold dear, every last bit as if this fractal-based ecosystem could sustain itself, speaking of which happens to be nothing more than a bunch of Russian nesting dolls, sorry, action figures.

I found it!