The Greater New Popolisville Area

The Universe City

  • Sir Professor Sure
  • The Creature Teacher
  • Cheat
  • The Ex-Pair Mentor
  • Ian Q. Eerie
  • The Campussy Cat
  • Magicalculator

with a special appearance by the Dropout.

Other Places of Interest

  • The Mini-School
  • All Small Mall
  • The Writer's Block
  • Major Hospital
  • City Hall of Justice
  • e-Den

with a very special appearance by the House on Infinite Lane.

Other People of Interest

  • Mayor O'Mortal
  • The Drawing Detective
  • 2D
  • The Lame Cripple
  • Plastic Smarmy Men
  • Calumny Jane
  • The Victim from Hickdom
  • Mr. Master
  • The Colour Candied Dandy
  • Section Hate
  • Hellody
  • The Boy from Security And Testing In Real Emergencies or S.A.T.I.R.E.

with special appearances by Solid-Dude and the CEO of OCD.